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Important Zombie Plague VIP
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RV Realm - Gaming
Zombie Plague VIP


The VIP system in the Zombie Plague server is now fully functional, bug-free and optimized to the maximum; that being said, we have decided to giveaway free VIP in the following situations:
  • If you invite a new member to our discord server, both of you get 1 month VIP.
  • If you join our discord server from the Zombie Plague server, you get 1 month VIP.
  • If you boost the Zombie Plague server 2 times, the prize is doubled, 2 months VIP.

Instruction of activation of your free VIP will sent to you in direct discord messages so we verify that you joined our server; If you leave the discord server before your VIP expires, it will be removed.

VIP Features

I- General features
  • Visible on the VIP list (say "/vip").
  • Scoreboard VIP attribute displayed.

II- Zombie Plague special features
  • Extra armor when a VIP becomes a Human.
  • Extra health when a VIP becomes a Zombie.
  • Custom knife and player models for a VIP as a human or as a zombie.
  • Weapon automatically refill when you kill a zombie.

[Image: RVImgRankTitleNoWings.png]
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Dr. Rasheed K Dana
(RV Realm)

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS, Mansoura University, Egypt)
Medical Laboratory Science, Bachelor of Science (BSc, Hashemite University, Jordan)

RV#9340 | RV Realm - Rasheed K Dana | RV Medicine - @rasheeddana - RV

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