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Updates Patch Notes - BETA 0.0.3
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Updates Patch Notes - BETA 0.0.3
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RV Realm - Gaming
Patch Notes - BETA 0.0.3

General upgrades

  • Version of all plugins have been updated to "BETA 0.0.3" (For long)
  • Version of all plugins have been updated to "0.0.3" (For short)

  • Updated configuration file, now descriptions are rich in functionality details
  • Reduced map time from 40 minutes to 20 minutes
  • Reduced round time from 7 minutes to 5 minutes

  • Updated the existing ML messages


Admin flags:
  • Changed respawn access from ADMIN_BAN to ADMIN_KICK
  • Changed admin models access from ADMIN_BAN to ADMIN_KICK

These changes have been made to align with the new server admin policies

Class: Human

New human classes:
  • *NEW* Added Raptor Human, this class runs quicker
  • *NEW* Added Tanker Human, this class has proper protection against infection

Extra Items

New extra items:
  • *NEW* Enabled G3SG1 Auto-Sniper, price 10 AP
  • *NEW* Enabled SG-550 Auto-Sniper, price 10 AP

Extra item prices:
  • Lasermine price changed from 70 AP to 45 AP
  • Barricades price changed from 40 AP to 30 AP
  • Golden AK-47 price changed from 70 AP to 50 AP
  • Golden Deagle price changed from 35 AP to 25 AP
  • Ethereal price changed from 100 AP to 60 AP
  • Fire Bomb price changed from 7 AP to 5 AP
  • Frost Bomb price changed from 20 AP to 5 AP
  • Flare price changed from 10 AP to 5 AP
  • AWP Magnum Sniper price changed from 25 AP to 10 AP
  • M249 Para Machinegun price changed from 20 AP to 10 AP
  • Antidote price changed from 50 AP to 30 AP
  • Zombie Madness price changed from 55 AP to 40 AP
  • Infection Bomb price changed from 80 AP to 70 AP

The old prices were exaggerated when related to the amount of ammo packs rewarded to players, so now they are decreased; however, in the future, there might be changes in the prices, if we change the ammo pack rewards


Frag rewards:
  • Frag rewards for killing a Zombie changed from 3 to 10
  • Frag rewards for killing a Human changed from 5 to 7
  • Frag rewards for infecting a Human changed from 2 to 5

These changes are intended to make players happier in terms of scoreboard, and perhaps that would populate the server

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Copying or reproducing these rules without a permission granted from the Overlords is not allowed
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Medical Laboratory Science, Bachelor of Science (BSc, Hashemite University, Jordan)

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