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Updates Admin Commands
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RV Realm - Gaming
Admin Commands


Admin commands:
  • New Added amx_godmode <target> to give/remove god mode from a player
  • New Added amx_noclip <target> to give/remove noclip from a player

  • The new commands will properly send colored chat notifications
  • The new commands will properly log messages with name, steam ID and IP
  • Whenever a log message is issued, current actual players are logged

  • Admins with ADMIN_LEVEL_A access (flag "m") can use both commands

Current actual players are Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists, regardless of their alive-dead status

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Copying or reproducing these rules without a permission granted from the Overlords is not allowed
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Dr. Rasheed K Dana
(RV Realm)

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS, Mansoura University, Egypt)
Medical Laboratory Science, Bachelor of Science (BSc, Hashemite University, Jordan)

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